Each blog below has a different viewpoint and subject matter, the last one being a personal diary containing my more whimsical thoughts. Enjoy!



This website is a hub where those interested in changing healthcare for the better may engage in meaningful discussion, raise important issues, and spur each other to take concrete action. There are multiple contributors to the site of which I am one, led by the tireless Ben Miller.

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Social Media Healthcare

Social Media Healthcare

This site is intended to provide a forum for thought, discussion and reflection about the role of social media in health care communications. There are three main contributors: Dr. Mark Ryan, a family practitioner; Mark Dimor, an expert in medical profesional learning; and myself, all of us who are dedicated in learning and promoting how to harness this new medium for health betterment. Many of our posts respond to various Twitter-based conversations, including the #HCSM chat held Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern time.

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Acme Politics: Changing the world for the better one gripe at a time

Acme Politics

Musings, insights, observations, and the occassional rant permeate this tumblr feed.

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